Indiana Asphalt Paving Company Products

We produce a varied range of asphaltic products at our five (5) plant locations. These asphalt mixes we produce come in a range of mixes depending on what the mix will be used to create: base layer, binder, and surface. In a parking lot, the traffic is different than on the roadway, and we design each mix to fit the traffic and loading for that type of application. The products we provide to our customers have been thoroughly examined and tested to comply with all state and municipal specifications and criteria.

At Walsh & Kelly, Inc. we do our own quality mix design. From time to time we bring in nationally recognized experts from other labs in Indiana. Most Walsh & Kelly, Inc. mixes are designed based on Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) specifications. However, some mixes have variations if a customer specifies. Some national companies, for example, have a company-specific process for their parking lots and we work with them to create their custom mix.

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Our Indiana Asphalt Paving Company, has a well-trained, experienced quality control staff that designs and tests the mixes for the appropriate properties. We do trials of each mix before they are used on jobs and during production. We test the material at the laboratory and then we go to the job sites and take samples to be tested for verification of compliance with standards and specs. We are also on the job doing other quality control testing such as for density.

Our production standards, design process and testing give the assurance that we are meeting or exceeding expectations. Our rigorous process also helps ensure that roads are durable and performing as they are designed to. Contact our Indiana Asphalt Paving Company for any questions about our asphalt plant products.

“We have experienced and capable people at every level of our asphalt production operation so we can ensure high quality and long lasting asphalt pavements.” – John Peisker, Vice President of Asphalt Operations