ICI Awards 2018


Walsh & Kelly has won the Larry H. Lemon Quality award for top Asphalt Pavement under 50,000 tons for the S.R. 49 project at the annual NAPA meeting in San Diego. This signifies that this project was one of the top ten highest scoring projects submitted in 2017. Rob Duncan and Kevin Kelly are shown accepting the award. Congratulations to all that were apart of the project, and keep up the great work!

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.54.44 PM

While at the NAPA annual meeting, Walsh & Kelly picked up another honor in being selected as a finalist for the Sheldon G. Hayes Award for excellence in quality in construction of an asphalt highway pavement for the Highway 41 project. To win this award, the project was/will be judged against industry best practices, rated for smoothness one year after construction and visually inspected to ensure the project lives up to all standards. this is another great honor and again, everyone should be proud of your efforts. Keep it up in 2018! You can see Jim Padgett, Kevin Kelly and Rob Duncan as they accept the award for Walsh & Kelly at the meeting.

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