Position: Project Manager (Level 1)
Supervisor: Executive Vice President
Status: Salaried-exempt- management
Approval Date: 9/5/2017

General Summary
Schedule, budget, plan, oversee, bill and document the building of each job up to $75,000 level that is assigned, from cradle to grave.

Main Responsibilities:
 Provide crews with plans, maps, quantities and any additional information required to efficiently run a job
 Conduct job visits to ensure quality of work is completed and per safety guidelines
 Interact with clients or job owners on changes or other concerns
 Field verify scope of work
 Review plans for errors and omissions
 Schedule and direct crews on a weekly/daily basis
 Track daily production/progress
 Adjust daily schedule, as environment dictates, to complete job on a timely basis within budget
 Measure and verify quantities

Secondary Responsibilities:
 Estimating as necessary
 Take offs (verifying bid quantities/measurements)
 Invoicing jobs
 Attending pre-id, pre-con and progress meetings
 Attend various training seminars
 Complete traffic control device reports
 Complete storm water quality control reports
 Call in locates for any jobs requiring excavation
 Document pre-construction conditions with video and photos

Educational Requirements:
 Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management Engineering or Civil Engineering
 OSHA 30 hour compliance training (preferred)
 Traffic Control Supervisor Certification (within one year of hire)
 INDOT HMA supervisor Certification (within one year of hire)
 Storm Water Management Certification (within one year of hire)

Professional Experience:
 3-5 years of construction experience, preferable within the Heavy Highway Construction field
 1-3 years of supervisory experience

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
 Strong understanding of survey methods
 Strong understanding of proper HMA laydown/construction process for roads, parking lots, and bike trails, etc.
 Understanding of equipment and its capabilities/capacities used in heavy highway construction
 Strong understanding of plans/blue prints reading and specifications and contracts
 Strong understanding of INDOT/DOT specifications
 Public relations ability with customers/job owners and their related budget constraints
 Must be detail oriented, organized, efficient at scheduling, anticipatory to future problems and a calm demeanor and approach to problem solving
 Strong mathematically, able to give oral directions in small and large groups, ability to recognize and develop talent and run multiple jobs simultaneously
 Ability to work long hours and days during the season, withstand multiple weather related situations, have good vision and able to walk long distances as needed

Physical Requirements:
 Must be able to use eyes, hands, arms, fingers, sit, stand, walk, stoop, carry up to 50 lbs., use stairs, drive a motorized vehicle, and work in indoor and outdoor environments that may be cold, hot and have dust and fumes as normal per paving operations.

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